Essential oil for cough

Winter comes, and all the germs start to spread around. One day is a cold, next day a cough after that is the throat, and it keeps happening.
Last night my daughter had a terrible cough, it was rough and loud. Even the teacher said she sounded like an old dog!
I am not a doctor, and even if I were one, I would run from Big Pharma medicines.
Essential oils are fantastic, and the uses are unlimited. I have been using essential oils to heal wounds, emotional and sleeping problems, clean the air, make the house smell nice, mop the floor, give a sweet aroma to clothes, and so much more.
When you change the regular cleaning products to essential oils, you are getting rid of very toxic products and adding healing properties to your house and family.
Anyway, going back to my daughter cough, I added to her diffuser the following recipe:

six drops of Eucalyptus
six drops of Tea Tree
three drops of Basil
five drops of Clare Sage

The following day she coughed just a few times. I added the same recipe the next evening. After only two nights she had no cough whatsoever!

If your kids are having trouble sleeping, I urge you to try a diffuser. Let me know the results!


Make sure to make an allergy test before using any oil.