Integral Yoga

My words will not be enough to describe this amazing life path.

Follow the link to understand where, how and who came up with this life-changing experience.

Below you will read my very humble words. It is impossible to translate the magic of Integral Yoga.

My path as a teacher started in the best place ever. Integral. Yoga.

The name says it all INTEGRAL, we integrate our body, mind and spirit in one continuous dance.

It is so beautiful and fulfilling.

First, we chant, then we do some very calming and centring eye exercises.


We warm up, we stand up and we salute the sun!

We go down and move our spine forward, relax, backward, relax, sideways, relax.

We free our nervous system’s paths. Help the endocrine system to heal.

Help out the circulatory, work in the proper way on the respiratory.

The body says thank you, and to help even more we learn the precise way of relaxing, not a cup of tea and some TV. I mean DEEP relaxation, a sensation that the only experience can make you realise that you actually very rarely relax.

After that, your body and mind are getting there, to help out we work on the breath.

We meditate.

We pray (or we listen to the prayer) and we realise that life is BEAUTIFUL!

Integral Yoga.

So complete.

So serene.